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alternative to the "Roadmap" in >>> Kerstin Mueller's speech from 3/31/2003
7-Point-Plan of 4/09/2003 sven translation by PR and LM
1st Step: The key to Middle East peace plan is the neworientation of the Arab-Israeli relationship in the sense of an overdue, regional integration : by the admission of Israel into the Arab League and/or into an organization which can be created, whose principal purpose would be a system of collective security guarantees - so that the UN security Council could call in the involved parties directly.
2nd Step: Stationing of police troops of the Arab League or the United Nations in the Palestinian areas to counter terrorism.
3rd Step: Once this has been achieved, withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Palestinian areas.
4th Step: Reorganization of the Palestinian autonomy authorities.
5th Step: Concerning the Israeli settlements, there are four alternatives:
1. dissolving the settlements, 2. exchange of territories, 3. legal integration into  the Palestinian state or 4. the quarreling parties could initiate something better
6th Step: Multicultural reformation of the constitutional objectives of Israel as well as the future Palestinian state and Jerusalem with a special status that requires further agreements.
7th Step: Establishment of a Palestinian state and its admission into the system of collective security.
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